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Saturday, July 16, 2011


No Matter What, Be Thankful”

There are so many times that I get down:  We all do. And how do we cope? All of us react differently to things and the cure for being down might work for one and not another. If you are like me, sometimes things get so blown out of proportion [or they really are big things!] that it is mind boggling.

I was raised to believe that things could always be worse. I have been through worse and yet in retrospect, those things are over and in the past. And were survived. But keeping it all inside of you only makes it become gigantic. Talking to other people—family or friends really does help. It puts things in perspective seeing it from another person’s point of view. Sometimes we listen and take heed; other times, we shove those views out of our minds.

Just living in today’s world is hard enough with the complexity of it all let alone the lack of communication. Would you put your bad feelings on facebook for the world to see? I wouldn’t. Some do though and it makes them feel better I suppose. And there might come a time when I will do it too. But no matter what be thankful that you are here and do have problems for everyone does. They might not spout out that they do but you know that is true.

Every day is a new day and that is the thankful part. Coping with being down is normal and it hits all of us one time or another. My best help aside from family and friends is to either go outside and just watch nature or watch a funny movie or laugh with someone. Does wonders for the soul. And remember that things could always be far worse—you could be living in another country or be bed-ridden or living a nightmare. 

If none of the above works, here are some things to try:*Get in bed and pull the covers over your head. *Buy a roll of caps [yes you can still buy them]--take them outside, unroll it and put a rock on either end. Get out a hammer and beat the tar out of the caps! *Go bowling and use your imagination!

 Stay happy and cope—hard to do but it does work.

Sherry Hill

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