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Sunday, July 31, 2011


After I wrote the post about having no electric, I also had no computer for the modem had died—bit the dust. And the adapter also got zapped sometime during that horrible thundestorm last Friday. Trust me, I called my broadband service only to be told that it would be the end of the week [and I called on Monday!]; they were right in that a tech guy showed up here this past Friday and replaced the modem.

Not long after he left, I was off to buy a new adapter for my laptop. Did I want to? No but had no choice. At a well-known store I purchased the adapter after my laptop was checked:  At least it was just that and not more things wrong.

Stopped to have lunch with a friend after that. It was so wonderful to have a hot meal for once instead of living on anything cold for days. Rushed back home to install the adapter and was back online! What an adrenaline rush! Later that evening I called my male cousin [the computer expert] and told him that his prior diagnosis was right. He asked me what I did before I had a blog, was on facebook and twitter and I told him that it had been boring before those three things—real boring!

And so I am back with more stories to come for there are so many to write. That one week was a bummer if ever. I apologize to you readers for my lack of posting but that is the reason—no computer! Things could always be worse but last week was up on the top ten list of BAD!

Sherry Hill

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