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Friday, September 12, 2014


Without technology I wouldn't be able to share any of my blog post with you--in fact, I wouldn't have a blog. And no computer on which to write. But alas, I have both.  And now after about four hours of moving stuff that was out of place, getting rid of my old printer, scanner, copier, my new one is finally installed.

Was it hard to install? Well there was a USB cable that was in the package that wasn't compatible at all. Had to call the place where I got the psc and ask a technician about what to do as that USB cable wouldn't fit. He said it must have gotten put in the original packaging by mistake.

Uh hum.  "What should it look like?" I asked him. "It should have a metal oblong end and one on the other end that is black with the symbol on it." Knew what he meant and lo and behold, my old psc did have that cable. I know because I yanked it out--well not from the back but from the psc. 

"Thank heavens" I thought to myself. I got it installed--that is after I inserted the software disc into my laptop and waited and waited.  Finally the software was installed. I looked at the manual and attempted to figure out what button did what: Not easy.  Did know how to copy and scan from looking at a diagram but there is so much more with this newer version of the psc.

Seems like when you get something that is new technology-wise, it is more complicated than the last one. But isn't everything like that? What happened to easy? I think it flew out the window. Course a 7 year old might disagree.

Didn't mention that I had to move about 30 things that had accumulated around the old printer I had and that they were all over this room. Everywhere. Some were small while others were book size. Is the job finished regarding the stuff? Not yet but it will be. Right now I am worn out just as the man is at the computer.

Oh new technology: Either love it or let it get the best of you.  One thing's for sure and that is it won't get the best of me. I will figure it all out: It's a case of have to.  If you've been in my situation, you know the feeling well.  There is a lot I can do but something that requires a lot of manual looking is not one of them.

Rest my case --for now that is.

Sherry Hill

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