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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Fall is my favorite season. It's a sensory overload of colors, smells, azure blue skies, crunchy sounds that my feet make on leaves while walking and it takes my breath away. To me, Fall is like a woman with a velvet cape on that comes swirling around painting this and that with brilliant colors. She's quick and she has much to do and that she knows. Remnants are left here and there to remind us of her--acorns on the street, huge orange pumpkins that delight us all and the pungent wonderful smell that only leaves have when their colors really show. Fall knows that she impresses us for she is a master of stirring up childhood memories of bonfires, bobbing for apples and jumping in leaf piles. But like Cinderella, Fall only has a specific time: She must hurry! And hurry she does making us all wish that she would stay longer but alas she can't for leering behind her is Winter with his icy fingers wanting to reach out and say it's his time. That’s the only downside to Fall: She can’t stay long enough for others or me. I welcome her with open arms and embrace every single day that she is among us. And I mourn Fall when she leaves for her stay is too short. But while she’s here, what a spectacular show she does put on. And for that, I am ever so grateful.
Sherry Hill
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