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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Apologize again for not being on here. A couple of weeks ago, I took a leap of faith and published one E book. Perhaps I wrote about it. After that one book, I found out some crucial information that I didn't know prior to publishing that book and so a sequel had to be written.

I swear that the entire time I was working on the second book, it seemed like I was in some kind of writing coma. Tried to lie down and what would happen? Words entered my mind as well as thoughts. So much sleeplessness for those words and thoughts had to be written for fear I'd lose them.

After finishing those two books, I was like someone compelled to write and write. And I did. Some nights no dinner was had at all. Completely immersed into writing. Thank heavens for iced tea and coffee or I would have fallen asleep on my computer's keyboard. In actuality, I was wired to the max.

At this point, I have now published six E books on Amazon Kindle for download with one of them in the process of being published by the Kindle team.

Think I'm quitting? No. I'm now working on an E book about an ancestor of mine that was murdered during the Civil War. He was not a soldier. He was a victim. So far, what I have written is long word-wise and I am only to the point where he is twenty two. Luckily, I have many pages of typed genealogy as well as handed down stories about him. But this is no easy task as real history has to be involved and it requires much research. Can't make up true facts.

I promise to be on here more and post some humorous things. Thanks for being with me in my new found journey--it may be short or long-lived. Who knows?

Sherry Hill

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