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Monday, September 9, 2013


About two hours ago, I was on the phone with a writer friend of mine and we were discussing book titles. Of course it was in the wee hours of the morning as usual and I had a headache. While on the phone with her, I decided to go over to the kitchen counter and get an Aspirin. Phone was held to my ear and I somehow managed to hit a tall wicker bookshelf and 40 colored pencils fell out of the tin and onto the floor. I slid. My dog ran over immediately to try to grab any he could find to chew on. 

Was desperate in grabbing up those pencils and still had the phone up to my ear. My friend said “Are you okay?” Explained what had happened but then I somehow lunged into the stove while reaching for that Aspirin. All of this happened within a mere three minutes or so but what a disaster. Not only did I whack my right arm but had to explain to my friend the other noise she heard. That noise was the sound of canned food hitting the floor! No, I hadn't put those cans up yet.

 And the way I feel right now, those cans will stay there at least for today. I am always in a hurry and so similar to Pauline who had too many perils. Oh one thing: Picking up 40 colored pencils off the floor before your dog grabs them is not an easy feat at all. I didn't want him to get a hold of any and get sick chewing on them but I had no idea I could grab that many so fast. And I did eventually get that Aspirin; in fact, I took two of them. Whoa what a night.

Sherry Hill

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