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Monday, September 23, 2013


Holy cow. Everywhere I look whether it’s on television, on a social media site, in a magazine or in a commercial, there is granite. Granite has to be used for kitchen counter tops. Granite has to be in all of the bathrooms from floor to ceiling. Nothing else will do. Why it’s socially unacceptable now. Do I have granite counter tops? No, I don’t because my kitchen was remodeled and finished in 2000. Do I have granite all over my bathrooms? Another no. And so let’s stop and think about granite: It is beautiful, costly and shiny. But have you ever stepped on wet granite? It’s as slick as ice. But that doesn’t matter to the twenty-somethings or the thirty-somethings. They want what everyone else has and that’s a normal reaction. If I were that age, I’d want it too in my house.

But I don’t have it and aside from that, couldn’t afford it now. Would I want all of my bathrooms encased in granite? No way, because I would slip and fall and wind up in the hospital. I have a ceramic floor in my foyer and it’s black and white. Beautiful. But if I’ve been outside during rain or snow and come in, it’s as slick as glass. Yes, I did fall once in the foyer. Ceramic tile can be both beautiful and dangerous. And I’d say the same for granite.

As for granite counter tops, they are beautiful.  But what if you were on a ladder and had to stand on a counter top? Remember they’re slick. I know the answer to that one for me: If it were the least bit wet, I’d fall. Rest assured on that one for I am also accident-prone big time.

With all the hubbub of having to have granite everywhere in your house, it makes those of us that don’t have it feel inferior or that our houses are out of date due to no granite. But then that is the main selling point of having it in the first place. When I was little and onward into my young adult years, the only granite I knew about was what tombstones were made of. Tombstones still are made of granite but perhaps you already knew that. I can’t help but correlate that fact to having it all over a house—it’s kind of creepy if you are of my generation.

Yes, we are all being taken for granite. But I am not one of them that will succumb to it just because every kitchen or bathroom has to have it. I rest my case. Oh by the way, when one dies, granite will definitely be there and to me, that’s quite enough.

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