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Sunday, January 29, 2012



I am a bald eagle.
I am the national symbol of America.
I am on a quarter and other coins but you probably didn’t notice.
I am on your paper bills but do you see me?
I am on the presidential seal of the Unites States of America—do you notice me?
I am the symbol for the navy.
I represent freedom.
I am on military medals but have you looked?
I was once endangered and almost gone.
I am in every state in America except Hawaii.
I am in Canada but did you know?
I am now being poisoned by lead in ammo and in the dead food I eat but do you care?
I am not going to be endangered again but it is looking grim. You have to help me because I cannot do it by myself.
I am not yet among bald eagles that are dying a horrible death from lead. No, I’m not sick yet but I am afraid I might be.
I am counting on YOU to help save me and the others. All you have to do is to spread the word about the lead poisoning. PLEASE act now before I AM GONE.
The Bald Eagle

Sherry Hill

Photo from my friend Terry who lives in Alaska

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