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Tuesday, January 3, 2012



Okay let’s face it—I love chocolate! Love chocolate in any form but there are some things I don’t like mixed with it. There is no way I’d ever eat a chocolate covered cherry. Did once and the texture just gagged me. That was my first and last time I ever ate one in my life. But chocolate mixed with anything else [except walnuts] is great with me but perhaps not with you.

When I was a little girl, like all of my friends, I loved chocolate candy bars, candy or ice cream. Then for some reason, I switched to jelled candies—not gummies for they weren’t on the scene yet and dropped liking chocolate. Have no idea why that happened but trust me it didn’t last very long. Oh so many variations of chocolate—cake, pie, ice cream, candy, milkshakes, donuts and on and on that makes one mind in a whiz when having to choose. Chocolate had a bad reputation of being bad for you as well as causing weight gain.

Thankfully scientists discovered that chocolate is actually good for you—the dark kind that is and as for weight gain, it depends upon how much you eat it and how many times in a day. Chocolate actually causes a feel good sensation to the brain and body but I am sure that you already knew that. It’s a comfort thing to eat; would I call it a food? Not really.

Where does chocolate come from? It comes from Central and South America but about seventy percent comes from Africa. And chocolate grows on trees: It is the beans called cacao.
Here is a great website link for all you wanted to know about chocolate!

After you read this, I am sure that you will be craving chocolate in any form! Enjoy and know that I am with you in the love of it!

Sherry Hill


  1. Yummy! I love chocolate in any form... yes, even chocolate covered cherries! The dark chocolate ones are best. I ate so much chocolate during the holidays that I'm sure I gained ten pounds... and what's worse, I'm due for a cholesterol check next week. All that chocolate probably made the numbers go up a bunch! Woe is me! Good post, Sherry.

  2. Thanks Peggy! I love chocolate in almost any form except for chocolate covered cherries. They are just gaggy to me. Like you, I ate a lot of chocolate over the holidays too. Hope you got a good doctor's report!