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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


If you watch old movies, you will see a woman returning home with department store boxes and opening them up right in front of a not so happy husband. And sometimes you will see women carrying boxes of clothes out of stores and those boxes are piled high—in the movies that is. But I remember when I could purchase things in department stores and the sales clerk would get a box, put tissue paper in it and then place the item inside all neatly tucked. Each item went into its correctly sized box.

What a thrill it was to walk down the street carrying a huge coat box with the coat inside that I had lusted after forever finally being mine. Didn’t matter how cumbersome it was to carry it—the box and contents were mine. Same thing for hats: You received a round hat box for each hat you bought. Mine seemed to never stay in their boxes though for I was a teenager. But oh those hat boxes were plain grand with a beautiful paper outside and matching cording to carry it.

Each department store had their own signature boxes and designs. I still have some from some of the now long-gone downtown stores and I wince when I see them. Today’s females will never know the thrill of carrying boxes home from stores or opening them upon arriving home. The boxes were special. In today’s world, what are articles of clothing put in? Plastic bags and it’s a little unsettling if you were to remember the glorious boxes of the past.

Wasn’t anything expensive on the stores’ parts—well I suppose it was in retrospect but it was part of the glamour that like other things from the past have gone with the wind. And I miss those department store boxes big time.

Sherry Hill

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