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Monday, June 24, 2013


When I saw his picture on our town's shelter site on facebook, I knew he was the dog for me! The first picture showed him looking really tan but his eyes got to me right off the bat. The next day, he had been given a bath and was pure white. I just had to have him and he was going to be put up for adoption the very next day.

Bet your boots that I was there early and got him. Actually a friend bought him for me as I had lost my other dog to death about seven months prior and she said that she wanted to do this for me. What a wonderful thing for her to do.

When we got home, he was so timid at first but sweet as sweet could be. My cat Maysie Apple didn't think so and she still doesn't:: In fact, she's still ticked off big time. You see, she ruled my other dog and that dog was afraid of her. Rufus is not. He wants to play with her and she will have no part of him.

I can't imagine anyone not searching for Rufus; he had come in as a stray. Of course, I can't imagine how anyone with a heart could not search for their missing pet online or just drop one off because they decided that either they didn't want it or state that they couldn't take care of it. Animals are not disposable.In today's society it seems to be the norm and that is disgusting.

If you are looking for a pet and see a shelter's site, look at the dog or cat's eyes: They speak great volumes.Rufus' sure did and I was so right in choosing him. And even better was the fact that he was already housebroken and friendly. What more could you ask for?

Sherry Hill

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