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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


What is it about the cunning calling of living in West Virginia? Is it the mountains that surround us here or the past lore or the people? I think that it is all three of these factors. My roots are here as well as many of yours; there's something indescribable that makes it home. I've seen our many rivers and have immersed myself into their beauty; in fact, I've swum in lot of them or fallen into a lot of them.

West Virginia is so diverse from one area to another--Harper's Ferry is completely different than say Charleston: It is northern in just about every way. Greenbrier County and Pocahontas County are two of my favorite places in the state. I feel "at home" there. The beauty of these two counties is breathtaking. The mountains seem to share their mysteries with me and make me feel secure. As for the people here, you won't find any better anywhere: They will open not only their doors for you but their hearts. Downright southern hospitality at its best is here.

I was born here, have always lived here and my children and grandchildren are here. Oh I've been to other states and enjoyed those trips: In fact, I love the beaches of North Carolina. But to live there? That'd be a definite no. There are still many places in West Virginia I haven't seen but it will happen. I can only hope that you feel the way I do about West Virginia. The country roads call out to be taken. The posh places are here as well. Diversity describes the state in one word. It truly is "almost heaven."

Sherry Hill

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TODAY is West Virginia Day. My state became one on this day in 1863 by a proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln. West Virginia was part of Virginia prior to that date. Today West Virginia is 154 years old.

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