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Monday, April 13, 2015


Up until three weeks ago, winter was still rearing its head and I was totally sick of it. 
But I was not alone--everyone was. And it wasn't just here for it seemed to be 
nationwide. Sick of snow, cold weather and being stuck in the house.

Finally spring arrived but it seemed to come slowly but I welcomed it with open arms.
Who doesn't love to see buds on trees or tulips start to pop up out of the ground?
And who doesn't love good weather?

We have had some chilly mornings as well as days but within the last two weeks, some
days have reached into the 80's. And that's a good thing when you've experienced a 
terrible winter.

Grass is growing at a rapid rate but then so are the dandelions. My yard looks like a 
sea of yellow. But there is no need to have the grass cut yet for two silver maples are
in my yard: If you aren't familiar with this type of tree, it's the kind that has clusters of
seed-like things that a lot of kids called "helicopters" for they literally fly down to the 
ground--and that is before the leaves form.

Last year I think that there were at least a million seed-like things all over my yard, 
sidewalks and the street. They dry quickly and become crunchy to walk upon. Some 
animals depend upon them as a food source while others ignore them. Off and on,
I've seen birds peck at them and either eat part or discard them.

In essence, they are a nuisance. But once all fall from the trees and dry out, the grass
can be cut and a leaf blower can pile up those seeds. It's all part of good weather where
you have to take the good with the bad.

Here's hoping that you are experiencing good weather finally wherever you live.
At least it's not snowing and that's a good thing!

Sherry Hill

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