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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


When I was little, I never was afraid of tornadoes or storms. We never had a tornado here in my state until 1991 which was a rare happening. Very rare and very terrifying. From that point on, if the weather channel mentions a possibility of a tornado hitting my area or state, I work myself up into a complete frenzy. I try to avoid that channel and go on with other things and then I'm back on that channel watching. Why do we terrify ourselves by looking at that? I know the reason: We want to know and yet don't want it to happen.

Sunday night we had a tornado watch and the hysteria started for me. Kept going out and looking at the sky to see if it had changed any. Made sure all batteries were charged, flashlights were within reach and kept waiting and watching the weather channel. What  was an hour or so felt like years. No tornado happened: My area was spared. And I was so grateful. All that frenzy for nothing but then it could have happened--the tornado that is.

Severe storms scare me as well and like the first sentence above, we used to never have them here. Never. But when that derecho hit, it was the worst storm I've ever seen. Never even heard that word before in my life but trust me it was the most powerful storm ever in this state as well as in surrounding ones. High destructive winds, hail and much damage to houses and the like.  And so now I fear the mention of "severe storms."

The weather pattern is changing and not for the better. Seems as if these tornadoes and severe storms are more and more frequent.

And it's not just my state that gets affected; it's your state or country as well. There's a saying "You can't change the weather." No, you can't but it seems to me that there are many factors now that are causing tornadoes and severe storms. Are they man made factors?  Makes me wonder.

Meanwhile, if there is a mention of either of these two things, I go into frenzy mode. And who likes that? No one that I know of. Seems as if when severe weather is predicted, it doesn't happen and when things seem calm, right out of the blue horrible weather conditions appear.

At least that's my take on it. All I can do is be prepared and pray t hat nothing happens for in these days you never know what type of weather we'll have. Frightening to say the least.

Sherry Hill

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