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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Good grief! Everything that we buy has shrunk; I'm not talking about clothes or shoes but food and the category called junk food. I know you are aware of it as well. Last week, I wanted to buy a steak and so, when I was in the grocery store I looked for a New York strip steak. I found several all right but they were about three inches wide. Three inches! Put them back down and thought how absurd. Who would buy them? Definitely not me. By the time I'd have fixed one, it would have been scarcely visible after frying it.

Then there is the subject of bread: If you buy locally made bread in a wrapper, you no doubt have noticed that if you hold up a piece, you can see through it. That happened to me and when I tried to put peanut butter on a piece, the bread simply collapsed into a lumpy heap. Who do the bread makers think they are fooling? Definitely not me. And definitely not you. Why not make it thicker and charge us more? The prices are already sky high.

I was watching an old movie and ironically, a man was eating a sandwich: He had to hold it with both hands. The bread was huge and the man was not. 

Cookies have shrunk to the point that they look like wafers. First time they were shrunk, I stuck my hand in the bag and was absolutely shocked to feel the size of the cookie much less to see it. When I was little, cookies were huge and generally, I only ate one. I'd have to eat six or seven of today's tiny ones to equal one from long ago. Pitiful.

The list could go on and on but I won't bore you with a thousand things. Point is that we, the consumers, are not deceived. We are being ripped off. And unless you grow your own beef, make your own bread or sweets, you are just like me in the rip off category. Yes, convenience is the word in today's world. There was a time when I made my own bread and cookies--but that was then and not now. Does it do any good to complain? Doubtful for would the giant corporations listen?

Meanwhile, watch that see-through bread: It's deplorable.

Sherry Hill

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