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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I found this Graham tartan online and yes I am a Graham descendant. My late mother's cousin sent us so much information on this line that I have two drawers full of genealogy. What's not to love about having a Scottish ancestral line? Or for that matter, what's not to love about the history of Scotland and how the clans came to be?

If you saw the movie "Braveheart," the first clan called up by Mel Gibson, playing William Wallace, was the Graham clan. That part stunned me and I sat there staring at their tartans as well as their actions. The entire movie was excellent and so moving that afterwards, I was literally drained. Felt like I had lived that movie.

I've never been to Scotland but rest assured it's on my bucket list. Oh how I'd love to go there and find some long lost relatives. It may never happen but I can wish it. Bagpipe music gets to my very soul. Love the history of Scotland, some of the food [I'll skip haggis--google it and you might too!,] and the ancient castles leave me breathless. Add heather, crags and bogs and the mystery and it adds up to my kind of country to visit.

As for the Graham line, I'm thankful I have that lineage. Do you?

Sherry Hill


  1. Hi Sherry, we have some Scottish ancestors in common. Maybe some day we may take that trip. I would love it.

    Mary Jane

  2. Mary Jane we will definitely have to do that!