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Saturday, October 29, 2011


It was trick or treat and I was with a bunch of grade school friends--one of them was
my friend Karen
-and we walked way up her steep hill,  Greenbrier Street. We were
all out of breath as we climbed the fifty steps [or so it seemed] to the last house
on the left of the top of that horrid hill! One of us rang the doorbell and an old
man appeared with a tiny bag in his hands. Hmm we thought. We all said the 
normal "Trick or treat!" and he proceded to hand each one of us one black jelly
bean--that was it! One jelly bean.  Aside from being out of breath after climbing
those steps and also being kind of scared, all of us were shocked to get just
that one thing. But the way he looked it wouldn't have mattered if he gave us a
bag of candy each--he was frightening. We trudged down those fifty steps and
ran down the hill as fast as we could; each of us had thrown our one jelly bean 
away. Who could forget that?
Sherry Hill

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