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Monday, October 17, 2011



How many of you have a pet? I have a large black dog and a calico cat: Both are female. Have had a pet in my life since I was eight years old—wish it had been earlier but it wasn’t. Over the years, my family has had numerous dogs, cats and one time a pet rat that lived a short time. But during all those years of having pets, my sons learned so much as did I: It takes a lot of responsibility to be a pet owner.

Not only does a pet have to visit a veterinarian but has to have shots, be groomed, bathed [unless it’s a cat—never attempt to give a cat a bath unless you’d like your arms to be scratched all over,] fed, walked [not a cat] and loved. Like humans, pets need attention and appreciate hugs or pats on the head. If they are neglected in this area, they will become withdrawn and then extra attention will have to be given; I’m sure you have noticed this with your pets.

Pets give us so much unconditional love. Doesn’t take much to please them unless you happen to have one that wants up in your face all of the time—some pets are like that while others can be standoffish. No matter what, having a pet just makes you feel better. It’s been proven that people who have pets live longer than those who don’t—maybe it’s the bond that is created between owner and pet or maybe it’s much more than that.

Would love to hear back from you if you have a pet and how you get along. My cat and dog demand a lot of attention but it is so worth it in the long run. And remember that dogs have owners but cats have staff—I am both. Are you?

Sherry Hill

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