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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Creeks. I really love them--always have and
always will. You can sit by a creek and all of
your problems seem to vanish even if only briefly.
So many childhood remembrances from being in
a creek or just looking at one. 

My favorite one is
really hard to get to and it's in Blue Creek here in WV: Getting
to it means a long downward climb as you have to
hold onto every single tree limb and pray you don't
slide down. But once you're down and see the sand
and the creek, it's breathtaking. I've been in that creek
so many times: Have swum in it, when the water was
high, have fallen in it and have taken a lot of friends
there. I know the big rocks well. My late mom spent a lot of summers with her dad's
mother at Blue Creek and knew this creek well.

She passed her love of the creek to me and to my sons. I haven't
been there in for what seems like forever and yet I need
to go because it's a place where I can empty my soul--if
you know what I mean because a creek can do that for you.

The sound of a creek is so relaxing, the sights of the many old rocks that water has flowed over for hundreds of years leaves me breathless
and and sticking my feet into a creek on a hot summer day is wonderful.

If you live near a creek or know of one nearby, I can only hope that you share my feelings about it. It cost nothing to see or be in a creek but the pleasure of it is ten-fold.

Sherry Hill

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