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Friday, April 15, 2016


Luckily, I have had past cousins of my late mom do a lot of genealogy research and was just blown away to learn how many lines I have. Amazing to find out that I had two dates in high school with a guy that would turn out to be my cousin--I hope you are smiling at that one.
On my mom's mom and dad's line I found out that I am a mixture of Dutch, Irish, Scottish,
English, French Hugenot, Native American [on my maternal grandmother's line Tecumseh, the Shawnee Indian chief, had a sister that married into her family making this woman my fifth great grandmother,] and Spanish. Quite a combination.

And then there is my late dad's line which is mainly German, Polish, French and English.

That makes me a mixture of ten different  backgrounds.

And I am so glad I found out about my ancestors for it is what makes me, me.

My sons have the genealogy of mine as do my grandchildren: Looking at it gives a lot of insight into who we are and our traits

I could throw out a lot of surnames and no doubt many of us would be somehow related--but I won't just yet. Will keep you guessing.

If you don't have your genealogy lines, ask your relatives to tell you what they know for doing that is really helpful. And you can go online and find out a lot--just be careful for a lot of genealogical information is not quite right or has been made up to make it sound better. The latter happened with one ancestor or mine--a lot was made up about him that was not true.

If you do have your genealogy, consider yourself lucky; I certainly do.

The more you dig and find out, the smaller the world seems because genealogy is really amazing.

Sherry Hill

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