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Saturday, February 13, 2016


I know but there comes a time when enough snow is enough and it's just February. After that overload three weeks ago, everyone here is sick of it. Today starts the blustery cold with tonight being about minus five below zero.  Fine if you play to stay inside--and I do!

But oh the insult of another snowstorm comes Monday and is forecast to go through Wednesday. Are you deluged with snow where you live?  If you are, you know the routine by now of shoveling, putting down salt or other products to keep a clear path free of snow or ice. My dog just stares at me when I get a big container and put in the huge back of salt by my door for he knows what I'm up to. I can feel him saying "There she goes again with that stuff!"

And then there is removing snow from the car which is a disgusting task if it's freezing outside. And normally it is just that.

For many years we had snow here even in April: I can only hope that this is not one of those years.

The famous groundhog in PA that forecasts whether we will have a long winter or a short one, was off base this year--he saw his shadow. That means an earlier spring. Uh no.

I don't go by what a groundhog sees. Who would?

Wherever you live, I hope that you only feel what I do and are already worn out with snow.
I am!

Sherry Hill

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