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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Wherever you live, if you celebrate Christmas, may it be wonderful, full of magic and happiness. It seems as if were just Halloween and the months went zooming by faster than lightning.

Memories of past Christmases come flying at me right about now—the ones of my childhood. They were full of magic and wonderement. The anticipation of opening up my presents and seeign what “Santa” brought me just left me stirred up for days upon end. And I can see every single past family member that shared those wonderful times with me; no doubt you can as well.

All of it was a sensory overload and just to smell fresh pine right now brings all of my memories back in a flash.

It seems that the older I become the more blue at times I get during Christmas: It’s inevitable for I miss the loved ones that are no longer here. And I miss the magic that Christmas held for me—it still works its spell on me when Christmas Day arrives but not like it used to do in the past. But it’s not the presents, the decorations or that but more the family, the friends and the wonderful food that binds it all together. And for that I’m grateful.

Wishing every one of you a Merry Christmas: May you be blessed ten-fold.

Sherry Hill

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