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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Most all of us are on facebook, twitter, instagram or some form of social media as it’s how we communicate in today’s world. About four years ago, I got caught up in watching the “Decorah Eagles” live on Ustream; how did I find out about it all? I found out on facebook. And I was hooked. Watched the eagles live for three straight years and developed a lot of “media” friends with whom I had so much in common.

Imgaine my shock to learn that a friend of mine died the other day as her husband had posted about her death. No, I never met her in person but we communicated through messages: I couldn’t believe that her husband was raised near where I live or the fact that all three of us had so much to talk about.

I never even saw a photo of her until her husband posted it along with the fact that he’d be taking down her page soon. Odd how we get a idea of how we think someone looks only to be dispelled of that idea when our perception is way wrong. She was lovely but I pictured her with dark hair and eyes and that was way off base.

No matter. She was a dear online friend, a confidant and a person with a huge heart. And I will miss our chats—I will miss her greatly for there already is a big hole in my heart as well as others that knew her. To her husband and son, their grieving is just starting and there is nothing but sympathy and healing blessings that I can send their way.

In this world of social media, finding dear friends is rare. Diana was rare. May she soar with the eagles. Godspeed my friend.

Sherry Hill

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