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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Greetings from far far away. Just posted a story but wanted to let all of you know that I apologize for not being on here of late. Too much chaos happening but it seems that the older one becomes, the more chaos ensues. 

It seems impossible that it's December and yet it is the second day. Why it was just Halloween. Time has a way of flying and I can't keep up with it. Do you have that problem as well?

Yes holiday decorations are out and I wonder if maybe I should have put them out a lot earlier or made some kind of combination every holiday ever display. But then that would no doubt look tacky and no, don't think that I will even find one much less buy one if I could.

Hoping that your December is off to a great start and that time will hold still for just a little.

Have a great day!

Sherry Hill

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