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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Robin Williams death stunned me; still does. He was a comedic genius, an incredible actor and had the distinct ability to make us all laugh.  Every single movie that he made had an impact on me but the two that stand out are "Dead Poet's Society" and  "Mrs. Doubtfire." Although each movie was different in genre, Robin still  had that jittery and hilarious appeal about himself. His being a graduate of The Julliard School was well known.   And I sit here as do you and ask "Why?" Why was he so depressed?  If he were, he hid it well to us the audience.

Every great genius has suffered too many bouts of depression--think past artists, poets, writers,
actors and actresses or anyone that has been in the public eye. They all possessed an artist soul as did Robin.  And that artist soul can be overbearing and consuming to one that has it for I know all too well about it as I have one as well. I feel deeply, see things differently and grasp for far reaching straws. No, I will never be as famous as Robin Williams ever nor do I know what was going through his mind when he took his own life.

He made this world a far better place with his comedic genius and will be revered down in history as one of the best actors and comedians ever. But most of all, he will be greatly missed by anyone that knew him or just watched him on tv or saw his movies.  Robin Williams was a shining star.

I will forever miss him.

Sherry Hill

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