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Friday, January 18, 2013


Before Christmas, I had every intention of writing a post--that is until I came down with the flu.
On December 8, 2012, I had gone to my regular doctor and had the flu shot. "Oh I'll escape it" I thought to myself because the year before when I got that shot, I wound up with pneumonia. Yep, I'm one of those lucky ones who gets adverse reactions. Two days before Christmas,  a headache started and would not go away. Lasted two days despite taking medicine for it. Then came the nausea and congestion. Chills upon chills made me take to my bed when I didn't want to but had no choice.

Christmas seemed a blur to me. Yes, family was here and I didn't have a temperature at that time so they were spared. There would be no way I'd expose them to the flu.

The next week was not fun at all. Aside from the chills, I was so congested that trying to sleep on two pillows didn't help one bit and what sleep? Called my doctor and spoke to a nurse. Described my symptoms and told her I had the flu shot. I was advised not to come to the office for it was full of people with the flu--who'd want to sit there with them anyway? A prescription was phoned in and picked up by my son who barely opened my front door and sort of threw it in. Can't say I blame him for he didn't want to get sick.

Ten morose days did not whiz by: They dragged. I dragged. Watched television some, tried to sleep some and not one thing productive was done and I didn't care.

I've now been over the ghastly flu. Apparently the flu shot I received and no doubt you might have, does not cover all the strains that are out there floating around waiting to jump on someone.
I'm sorry that I let you, the readers, down; it is not like me to not write. Perhaps I'll be writing so much that it will seem like an avalanche of stories for during that time I did a lot of thinking.

Take care of you and I hope and pray that you don't become a flu victim. Stay away from anyone that appears sick. Who wants it? I sure didn't.

Sherry Hill

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