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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Seems like the other day it was just Halloween. Of course, I said that last year about this time too. Time has a way of flying the older you become. When I was little and in school it seemed like it took forever for any holiday to arrive. And waiting for summer vacation took years in kid time. Well it’s not kid time anymore and I am sure that you readers know exactly what I mean by that remark. Days, weeks, months and years now whiz by as if some huge hand is pushing them faster and faster.

This very minute my Christmas decorations are outside and so is the white pumpkin I just had to have for Halloween. Magazines and sites on facebook featured white pumpkins; had to have one. And there it sits out there no doubt petrified. But I just got it the other day it seems. And so it will go by the wayside literally—I will throw it over the hill and hope that some critters devour it. Maybe they will and maybe they won’t or maybe it will retain its appearance and be useable again next year. Doubtful.

Right now I feel the rush to make my Christmas cards which I do every year: It’s a daunting task to make each handmade and different but I do it. And I can’t put that off or people will receive them in February if I don’t get started.

Shopping? A lot was done online and a lot will be paintings or the like. Decorating inside? I’ve done that and have huge messes in three rooms with decorations I decided not to use—all of that has to go back to the basement. I am definitely feeling the rush on my part for there is so much to do and time will zing by! It does that you know. Christmas is upon us and yes, I’ll be ready for I’ll get into that panic mode that makes me hurry to get it done. Anymore it seems like panic is what makes me get anything done that is necessary—do you get that way? Things will get done in time for the holiday and I will also be done—done in that is. Nothing new on my part as I can do this dauntless task I keep telling myself. Next year I am going to prepare for Christmas the day after Halloween. That’s a promise for time goes too fast for me. Why it was just July the other day; I swear it was.

Sherry Hill

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