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Monday, October 8, 2012


There is no way I'd ever do this but I have a friend that had me paint
a painting for her. Wanted an ocean scene. Finished it and called her.
She was so excited when she saw it and loved it--or so she said. Took
it home with her. I then remembered that I needed to put a coat of gloss
on it to protect it and called her. 

She promptly came here dragging the painting with her. "It won't take me
long" I told her. After half an hour, the gloss had dried and she grabbed the painting and went home.

All the time I was at her house, I never saw that painting. No where.

About two months ago, she got into a throwing out mode and asked me to come to her house to see if there were anything I wanted..as if I need stuff. But the thrill was there and I followed her downstairs to her basement. What did my eyes land on first? My painting! It was wrapped in bubble wrap and was on the floor. My heart sank.
She saw my reaction and said "Oh, I don't have any place to put it."

Well she certainly did have many places that painting could have gone but I said nothing. Picked up my painting and told her I'd take it home.
The minute I got in my house and settled down, I took paint and a palette knife and completely transformed that painting.

Now it's in my kitchen.

The point I am making is that if I didn't like something that someone made for me, I would either give it away to a friend or put it away so no one could see it. But give it back?

That's just rude. I hope if you make something that someone wants, you don't find yourself in the same situation as I did. No, I didn't let it get the  best of me and I have a new painting that I love. Case closed.

Sherry Hill

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