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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Buy A Hutch and Get Rid of Clutter

About three weeks ago, I went to the thrift store I frequent and saw a gorgeous white French hutch. Took a look at it and the price tag and meandered around elsewhere buying several things and left. All night long I thought about that beautiful hutch--it drove me crazy! I wanted it and yet there was not one single place for it in this big kitchen. Reason why? Furniture overload. The next morning I called the shop and lo and behold, the hutch had been marked down! I told the woman that I wanted it and bought it.

I suppose I should tell you that I have a broken right foot and that made the above situation even worse. Couldn't move things in the kitchen alone and things had to be moved for the men were bringing that hutch the next day. Got on the phone, called neighbors who were wonderful to come and help move too many chairs downstairs--that was one problem solved. The other problem was "stuff" overload: Like way too much. I made piles of this and that and eliminated what I didn't want and got even more risky and made more piles of things I didn't want. All of these piles were in the kitchen and when the men arrived with the huge hutch, the first place they looked was in the kitchen. One man said "Lady,there is no way that hutch is going in here!" "Oh yes it is. Just wait and see" I said. He laughed while the other man with him stood there gasping in shock at the piles of stuff.

My first thought was to have the hutch at an angle away from the chest of drawers that is on the biggest wall. Well the men tried it and left it there because they had to move a computer chair, a small round table that had a ton of books on it which proceeded to fall into the floor when they moved it and those piles of stuff.

I worked as much as I could eliminating those piles by giving stuff away to friends and/or throwing it away.Sometimes you just get to that point when it has to go.

Finally, I was down to one pile and it still remains but it's in a chair that has to go into another room; it could stay in the kitchen but it's scratchable and I have a cat so nix that idea. A neighbor came over and moved the chest of drawers and put the hutch on the big wall. SPACE! I can now walk around in the kitchen without running into something or getting lost and having no one finding me.

Of course after doing that, I attacked the kitchen counters that had clutter and things I hadn't seen in like forever. Ah I felt so good to have space again.

Sometimes you have to buy a big piece of furniture in order to inspire you to eliminate a lot of useless stuff that you have sitting around. I did and I don't regret buying that hutch one single bit. I'm thrilled to have a normal looking kitchen again--it's been a long time.

Sherry Hill

* I forgot to add the most important thing: The next day when I called about the hutch, the price had been dropped so low that I had to have it. Was meant to be.

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