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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


What's not to love about the color purple? It's
an outstanding color that is a mixture of red and blue. From biblical times onward to kings and queens, their primary color to wear was purple for it signifies royalty. Still does in many places in the world. It's a "look at me" color that is far from being prudish.

I remember one year when I was thirteen, my mom decided to paint our living room this color. Imagine the comments she got about it! Many. "No one uses that color for living room walls" said a neighbor. Well, she did paint it purple and it was beautiful. Other colors used with it in the furniture coverings were pale aqua and red velvet on two chairs; the couch was white and the entire room was a knockout.

No purple walls in my house but trust me,there is something purple in every room. It has that capacity to jolt and to pull thing together somehow.

About twenty years ago, I got into wearing purple almost all the time. So much so, that people remembered it and still bring it up. Had several pairs of purple shoes, purple pocketbooks, a purple raincoat and well, you get the idea. I even wore amethyst rings--still have those as well as one pair of those purple shoes.

My favorite flowers [other than blue hydrangeas] are all purple: Lilacs, irises, violets and wisteria. They just do wonders for my soul; maybe they do for you. I was first attracted to their color and then to their smell making it the best of both worlds.

Purple will always be here to stay and guess what? It is now the new color in decorating. Imagine that!
Guess my mom was way ahead of her time. And as for my wearing it again, yes I do. Long live purple!

Sherry Hill

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